In Shanghai GM Buick LaCrosse Ecotec® series are equipped with engines, is the fourth generation of the family Ecotec® latest products, General Motors to build the latest high-tech four-cylinder with a top level "global engine." Today, there are millions Ecotec® engines are widely used in many brands of GMs 20 vehicle models, the series has become one of the worlds highest penetration rate engine four-cylinder ignition coil Buick LaCrosse LaCROSSE energy efficient Ecotec® D-VVT 2.4L engine, which focused on the application of a large number of todays most cutting-edge engine technology, the power, running smoothness and fuel economy, such as overall balance index reached a high level.


Buick LaCrosse Ecotec® D-VVT 2.4L engine is a DOHC 16-valve adopted, sequential multi-point fuel injection, the maximum output power of 125kw / 6400rpm; maximum output torque of 225Nm / 4800rpm. Application of many cutting-edge technology, making it has been hailed as "an outstanding representative of four-cylinder engines in the world," the foreign authority of the professional media. It uses D-VVT intake and turbo manifold valve timing system dual continuously variable intake valve single variable efficiency than currently used mostly timing system greatly improved, with low rpm torque and high rpm high power outstanding characteristics. This engine can have a low number of revolutions at 2400rpm area 90% of peak torque, which greatly improves the dynamic performance of daily driving, enhanced engine response, good acceleration performance while also saving fuel, reached the true sense of power, the perfect balance of economy.


Ecotec® D-VVT 2.4L engine block, cylinder head all aluminum material, with advanced manufacturing technology, greatly reduced weight than cast iron engine, improved noise damping and fuel economy. ETC electronic throttle control accurate perception of the drivers intention to play every drop of fuel for maximum effectiveness, better combustion, emissions cleaner, more fuel-efficient, and driving control accuracy and responsiveness greatly changed. Its ignition timing, balance shaft drive system pumps and lifelong maintenance-free steel chain drive, completely abandoned the adjustment, replace the timing belt troubles.


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